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Web community and app for patients with arthritis, psoaris and crohns.

Viva Newsfeed
Viva Newsfeed

MyViva is a private online community with personalised health content. It provides a more holistic approach to engaging with patients; providing information and education, specific to each patient’s particular disease, as well as personalised content that can lead to an improved lifestyle while living with their disease.


The community is a place where people on the drug Humira can connect with one another, share their experiences, provide support to one another and receive professional help.


Patients have direct access to a range of resources, and information within the community.They can share their experiences on the public newsfeed or via private chat or video conference with the MyViva nurses.

Nurse appointments

Viva meeting
Viva Newsfeed
Viva video

Patients can schedule video meetings with nurses without the need of skype. The service works from browser to app and vice versa.

Mood tracker

Viva mood
Viva monthly stats
Viva weekly stats

Patients can record information daily with notes and their mood. Nurses can check patient status and receive alerts when the mood is too low