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Mobile app to help people to ease up on their drinking

An iOS, Android and responsive web app to help people track their drinking and understand the health and financial costs of it.


Drinksmart newsfeed
Drinksmart newsfeed post

Great way for users to express themselves, exchange ideas and keep each other motivated. The newsfeed have the usual features but more tailored to that use case

Drink tracking

Drinksmart drink diary
Drinksmart drink diary
Drinksmart drink diary

Users can track their drinks daily this allows them to understand how much money they spend and calories consumed. To make tracking effective we made the flow super simple


It’s one of the coolest invisible features of this app. Drinkbuddy is a semi-automated coach, part human part robot. It’s robot side allows it to send automated alerts, tips and reminders for all of the users at any time depending on their drinking, day of the week and status through the direct message feature so users have the impression of receiving a message of someone real. Users can answer messages back and Community managers then talk on Drinkbuddy’s behalf making it a user support channel


Drinksmart messages
Drinksmart messages

Allows private conversations between users and acts as a communication channel with Drinkbuddy

Web App

Drinksmart messages
Drinksmart messages

The app has also a web responsive version for desktop and tablet

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